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What We Do

Strategy Formulation

We love brainstorming with our partners to formulate a plan and crystalize the discussion into a coherent and inspiring strategy.


More precisely, we work with you to create a set of actions that will deliver on the goals and objectives you have set, and create a sustainable advantage in your competitive space.  And I think it's true, your strategy output should fit on a napkin.  Our aim is to develop actions and deliverables that are broad enough to set the direction for your company and, be specific enough to be measurable.  



The Art & Science of Story Telling

Whether you have 30 seconds in the proverbial elevator, 10 minutes in front of investors, or a 1 hour meeting with a potential customer, you have to clearly spell out your value proposition and how it will benefit them.  We can help you tell that story concisely and effectively in a customized Deck Pitch. 


The goal is to demonstrate that you understand their problem, not just the solution you designed for a perceived problem; and if you are in healthcare, you need to understand their workflow.  This is where our expertise can meet yours. 



Sales Process Analysis & Improvement

The biggest mistake I see is when innovators scale up their sales and distribution channel before really understanding what the selling process / messaging looks like.  They usually end up retreating and having to go back to step 1.  We can help you decide whether to start with a specific geography, a niche target segment, a high or low barrier health system, or whatever the challenge might be to best understand and document the sales process that will yield the highest return for your organization. 


Healthcare is fraught with "free pilots" that end up in "pilotitis" or just die at the contract door.  Healthcare sales cycles are notoriously long, for good reasons, but you can create effective approaches to minimize that cycle. 


Market Analysis

Coach & Mentor Management Teams

It can (sometimes) be lonely as the CEO, particularly if you don't have a Co-Founder.  Metis Lighthouse can act as your soundboard, coach or mentor to bounce ideas, get a different perspective, network with other CEOs, be that non-judgmental colleague to test your thoughts and ideas before you go big!  We can do this over the phone, by video or over coffee--wherever it is convenient for you and works around your schedule. 

Hallway Conversation

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings don't have to be a waste of time.  We've all been in ones that dragged on and on - people not listening waiting for the opportune time to jump in and say what's on their agenda or cutting off others to get their 2 cents in.  In the end, everyone walks out frustrated without a decision made or a next step.   


Let us help you re-imagine meetings so they are productive and action oriented, with the right team members in the room.    We can help you plan a meeting to achieve your goals or we can be the unbiased voice in the room.      

In Negotiation
If your need is not listed here, please ask.  We'll let you know if we can help, if not, we can refer you to someone in our network.
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